Bring your family to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium for an untamed adventure!

Come explore the #1 Zoo in America - home to Jungle Jack Hanna. Stretching over 130 acres, the Zoo has more than 577 species and over 10,000 animals, including giraffes, big cats, elephants, gorillas, manatees, bonobos and more!

Spanning 43 acres and home to 150 animals, the Zoo's newest and largest region will captivate you with its kaleidoscope of sights, sounds and special experiences mirroring the heart and soul of Africa.

You'll have the opportunity to come face-to-face with a giraffe and maybe feed him a snack. Get up close with lions as they board a grounded plane. Take a camel ride. Watch the fastest land animal reach top speeds at the cheetah run or even spy on vervet monkeys as they mischievously rummage through Jack Hanna's Camp. It's a one-of-a-kind adventure you'll love!

Board your very own pirate ship for the eco-adventure of a lifetime! Sail past over 150 moving, singing, swinging animatronic characters. Cheer on the green pirates as they team up with their animal friends to save the day…and the planet!

Explore the zoo by regions

NORTH AMERICA REGION – Wander the American wilderness next to bald eagles, bison, bears, prairie dogs, wolves and wolverines. Tour the Battelle Ice Bear Outpost and then meet arctic foxes, brown bears and our unforgettable polar bears at Polar Frontier!

ASIA QUEST REGION – Encounter Asian elephants, rhinos, tigers, sun bears and giant fruit bats. You can even hang out with Hank! At seven metric tons, he's the largest Asian elephant in any North American Zoo.

JUNGLE JACK'S LANDING REGION – Jungle Jack's Landing has dozens of wild rides and attractions. Meet some furry friends at our Animal Encounters Village. Get up close and personal with our interactive Stingray Bay. Feed and touch the southern and cow nose rays in our saltwater pool.

SHORES REGION – Touch a sea star, or a horseshoe crab. Go under the sea at Discovery Reef. Get an up-close look at West Indian Manatees in Manatee Coast – plus penguins, alligators and flamingos.

NEW FOR 2016! A brand new 4-D theatre! This 50-seat theatre will show adaptations of your favorite movies, including Happy Feet: 4-D Experience, and Ice Age: No Time For Nuts. Enjoy these short-version films in digital 3-D, brought to life with 4-D multi-sensory effects. A memorable experience the whole family can enjoy!

AUSTRALIA AND THE ISLANDS REGION – Say "G 'day" to kangaroos, koalas, kiwis and more. There's even a nocturnal hike through the Outback! Then explore our exotic islands, home to orangutans, Komodo dragons, otters and gibbons.

Journey through the jungle surrounded by leopards, okapis, bonobos and our world-famous gorillas, including Colo, the first gorilla born in human care in the world and the oldest at any zoo.

Nora zoo photographs